Bruna Volpi – Contrariando a Regra


The album “Contrary to Rule” brings 18 tracks, of which 14 are original and allow Bruna Volpi to show her versatility as a singer and stroll through several popular Brazilian rhythms-in additions to samba-, such as Xotes and Ijexás.
This new project was started at the end of 2017, after Bruna released the music video “Covardia – Samba para mulheres” (Cowardice-Samba for women”) which reached over 100,000 views on Facebook. Invited to participate in a TV show aired on the National network, Bruna attracted the attention of renowned Brazilian producer Arnaldo Saccomani

Bruna Volpi is becoming an icon of samba, beautiful and blonde girl without the typical stereotypes of samba. But just sing to prove the future she has. The new album, “Contrary to the rule,” could not have a more propitious name.